25.11 - 27.11.2014
São Paulo, Brazil

About FilmCup


FilmCup 2014 will be a market conference and co-production meeting to inform and discuss contemporary issues of the financial market, advantages, challenges and opportunities of co-productions for film and television between Brazil and Italy. The event also features the selection and presentation of 11 projects from each country.
The encounter will also have a special workshop on sales agents.


  • Inform through conferences and debates
  • Promote co-productions in cinema and television between Italy and Brazil.
  • Increase market share of the distribution in both countries.
  • Strengthen the approximation between professionals and increase economic and artistic exchange.


  • Producers, directors, executive producers, scriptwriters, lawyers and other professionals of the creative and technical staff
  • Distributors, sales agents and others with commercial interest
  • TV channels
  • Financing Funds for cinema and television
  • Public and private institutions related to the audiovisual
  • Students of cinema, media, TV and communication



In october 2012, the first edition of FilmCup took place at Ítau Cultural, right in the center of São Paulo. With the main goal to strengthen the ties of the audiovisual industries of Brazil and Germany, the 3 days of…